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Gas. Crying. Congestion. Difficulty Bonding.

Baby not sleeping? Worried about baby not digesting well? Going through a lot of medicine? Trying to deepen your connection? Moms and dads everywhere feel worn out, frustrated, and want more support. You're not alone! Help is here. The Vyana Baby Massage Course teaches you simple, easy to learn touch techniques for common ailments and challenges. Instead of having to figure it out on your own by endless googling and wondering if you're doing correctly, we've taken out the guesswork.

Full Course

If you are looking for a comprehensive baby massage experience that improves specific issues and overall health, then the full course is for you!
  • Eight modules cover legs, tummy, chest, arms, face, head, and back
  • Each module is less than 10 minutes long
  • 6 expert interviews such as a sleep coach and acupuncturist!
  • 3 downloadable resource pages on naturally addressing common ailments 

Mini Course on Gas/Colic

In the first few months following baby's birth, exhausted parents are just trying to survive. If the idea of a full course is overwhelming, the mini course is for you! 

  • Condensed course to focus on tummy strokes
  • Focus on improving digestion and alleviating gas or colic
  • Take less than 10 minutes to learn and implement right away 
  • 1 downloadable resource page on ways to address gas/colic naturally!
Just a Little, Please

Improved Bonding in the Family

Massaging baby releases oxytocin, which benefits baby, and mom or dad. Loving touch transforms baby's brain and supports healthy development.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Daily massage will inevitably result in a calmer baby, who is tuned in to cues for relaxation time and who sleeps better. Fifteen minutes of massage before bed increases melatonin. 

Decrease in Gas/Colic

Performing the tummy routine for a baby with chronic or the occasional spout of gas pain will mean less pain and fussiness in baby and less of a need for medical interventions.

Decrease in Congestion

With baby's immune system being so sensitive, colds find their way and make baby feel miserable. Face strokes along the nose and sinuses can alleviate congestion. 

Course Questions

I'm so glad you asked! The full course  includes over 50 strokes covering different parts of the body (legs, tummy, chest, arms, face, head, back), 6 expert interviews, and 3 resource pages to address the most common issues babies face (congestion, digestion, sleep). No module is more than 10 minutes long so you can do as little or as much as you want at a time.

The mini course offers the tummy stroke along with course introduction and closing as well as the resource page on addressing gas/colic.

Both courses offer you LIFETIME Access to all the course content.

The full course has 8 Modules that include Legs, Tummy, Chest, Arms, Face, Head, Back, and Gentle Stretching. 

The mini course has 1 module plus the introduction and closing. 

This is a self-paced course so you can work on it diligently weekly with your baby to implement immediately or, if you have a few rough days, take a break and come back to it. No module will take you more than 10 minutes!

Immediately! If you're working on the gas/colic strokes, you will see immediate results. Over a few days and weeks, you'll see improvement in sleep, circulation, mobility, alleviation of postpartum and more. Daily massage for just 30 days increases white blood cells and natural killer cells (cells that kill cancer). Also, just 15 minutes a day releases melatonin, which helps baby sleep better. 

Without a doubt, daily massage will alleviate issues and improve outcomes. There are only positive results that come from massaging baby and we are confident your family will benefit.  However, if after 60 days, you have completed the course and are unsatisfied, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. There's really no risk. 


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